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We provide quality, affordable Concrete work from a team with proven experience.

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We provide quality, affordable Concrete work from a team with proven experience. We are Experts in Concrete Driveways Melbourne & much more. We cater from Small Concrete Jobs to Large Concrete Jobs.

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Our team of concrete experts can help you design the perfect driveway including the size, shape, placement, and more. Once we have the details, we’ll prepare the area and pour your high-quality concrete mixture. After that, we’ll level out your driveway and complete the finishing touches. Once it’s dry, you’ll have a beautiful, durable concrete driveway that improves the look of your home or business.

Back and Front yard Concreting, Driveway concreting. We guarantee all our concrete works & we are a fully insured business.

Whether it’s a driveway, house slab, stairs, or pergola we can help you achieve your demands. HPL Construction has more than 25 years of experience in the concrete industry. Our Qualified staff and contractors are very professional, skilled, clean, and well mannered and are at your request. You have the dream or vision; we will cement it for you.

If you are thinking about reviving or concrete driveways are the perfect solution to give your home a fresh new modern look. HPL Construction is the concrete driveway experts specialising in all types of concrete driveway finishes including Plain Concrete, Coloured Charcoal Concrete & Exposed Aggregate Concrete. We also do concrete paving for pathways, entrances, carports, patios, disabled ramps, foundations, and retaining walls.

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We’re a team of Professionals providing the following services:


We use high quality pre-mixed concrete from 15MPA to 60MPA. Advantages of plain concrete.


This concrete is probably more attractive than you think coloured concrete may cost a little more upfront.


Exposed Aggregate driveways are easier to maintain than other decorative to heavy traffic and extreme

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HPL Construction

Exposed Aggregate Driveways – Pool Surrounds – Landscape StructureWe’ve got you covered

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Concrete driveway Melbourne should be the immediate choice for any driveways, especially if you’re going to be parking heavy vehicles there for many years to come. We all know concrete holds up much better than asphalt or stone.

And concrete provides other stylized options that could make your driveway stand out when you have myriad guests for a party. From functionality to design versatility, concrete delivers a complete package that makes it a great material for your home’s driveway.

HPL Construction

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HPL Construction have designed and installed many different driveways across Melbourne. We design our concrete driveways to last and offer friendly,
reliable service. Our concrete experts will recommend the best finish to complement the existing design features of your home and will
design you a custom concrete driveway that is distinctive, durable, and affordable.

HPL Construction, The Exposed Aggregate Driveway Experts

HPL Construction specialise in the installation of exposed aggregate driveways, although as licensed builders we can design, plan and install pool surrounds, paths, stairs, retaining walls drainage, kerbs and much more.
We don’t mind saying that we deliver great work that adds street appeal and value to your home. While exposed aggregate and concrete surfaced driveways are our speciality, we also have extensive experience with,
Contact us to discuss your home improvement dreams and discover our wide range of coloured concrete exposed aggregate concrete options.

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Looking for a concreter? a quick call away from some of the most passionate concreters around. With over years of experience in the masonry business, we are a skilled team suitable for all your domestic & commercial concreting needs. We take the time to listen to our customers so we can understand their vision. Whether you want a concrete countertop, stamped patio, or commercial entryway, your unique style will be reflected in the finished product by a dedicated concreter.

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