Concrete Slab Melbourne

LOOKING FOR A CONCRETE Slab in melbourne?

Concrete Slab Melbourne

If you are looking for concrete slabs experts you can rely on in or around Melbourne, we can help.

Concrete slabs in Melbourne come in many forms and can be utilised to provide great thermal comfort and several lifestyle advantages. Normally, slabs can be on-ground, suspended or a mixture of both. At HPL Construction, we specialise in providing quality concrete slab solutions. Supplying and installing our range of concrete slabs, this process can be faster, easier, and offer functional benefits as an alternative to standard fresh concrete laying.

We understand that everything of great value takes time, and when it comes to concrete, we do not rush into getting it dry quickly. We know it might shrink or crack if we force it to get dry quickly.

Depending on the weather, slabs must be kept wet using hessian, plastic membranes, bags or anything similar. Some chemical components can also be brushed or sprayed on the slabs to ensure proper curing. If curing is not implemented, we leave the concrete and let it try for several days – this is to ensure durability and sustainability.

We provide you with the consultation, design, engineering, and necessary permits to complete the construction of your concrete foundations. Call us today on 1300 631 373 to get started.