Concrete Driveways Melbourne

Concrete Driveway Experts in Melbourne

For Concrete Driveways, Call Hpl Construction, your best Melbourne Driveways Specialist at a cheap price be it Polished Driveway or Concrete Driveway Resurfacing. If you’re looking for a quality-guaranteed Concrete Industry, for your Driveways, We are the best contractor for you as Hpl Construction is the one who can solve your Concrete Driveways Jobs within your budget and given time frame.

Hpl Construction has been providing concrete driveways services in Melbourne’s area for more than 25 years. In Melbourne Concrete driveways should be the immediate choice for any driveways, especially if you’re going to be parking heavy vehicles there for many years to come. We all know concrete holds up much better than asphalt or stone. And concrete provides other stylized options that could make your driveway stand out when you have myriad guests for a party. From functionality to design versatility, concrete delivers a complete package that makes it a great material for your home’s driveway.


There’s a reason that most roadways, bridges, and parking lots are constructed from concrete. In terms of strength and long-term structural integrity, concrete driveways are one of the most functional materials available. Whether you own a subcompact car or a large SUV, your vehicle weighs thousands of pounds. Concrete’s immense denseness and strength make it an ideal load-bearing material. When poured correctly, concrete driveways are also highly unlikely to crack.

Enhancing Curb Appeal
Concrete driveways are no longer confined to slate gray colors and flat slab finishes. A concrete driveway can now be dyed any color imaginable to provide a unique, eye-catching addition to your home’s exterior. Additionally, concrete can be polished and textured to offer further design flexibility.

Simple Maintenance
Maintaining a concrete driveway is a relatively simple task. Generally, stains and other marks can be removed with warm water and mild soap. For more difficult stains, you may need to scrub the driveway with dry granular cleaner. If you choose the appeal of a polished driveway, then topical sealant may need to be applied on a routine basis to protect the finish. Buffing may also be required to restore lost luster and shine.

Consider Concrete Pavers
If you like the look of brick or stone but don’t want to pay the inflated price, then concrete brick pavers are an excellent choice for your driveway. Concrete pavers are shaped concrete tiles or bricks that can provide unique elegance to your home’s exterior. Pavers come in any number of colors, sizes, and shapes. Designs can mimic traditional brick or stone if so desired. Beyond the visual appeal, pavers are also less likely to crack than a full slab concrete driveway. This is because pavers can be as much as three times as strong as poured concrete. Additionally, if a paver does crack, then it is much easier to repair than slab concrete.

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Rest assured you’re investing in a long-lasting, low maintenance solution that will give you back your weekend.


HPL Construction has solutions for most budgets that won’t see you compromising quality over cost.

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House Slabs Melbourne

If you are looking for concrete slabs experts you can rely on in or around Melbourne, we can help. 

Concrete slabs in Melbourne come in many forms and can be utilised to provide great thermal comfort and several lifestyle advantages. Normally, slabs can be on-ground, suspended or a mixture of both. At Hpl Construction, we specialise in providing quality concrete slab solutions. Supplying and installing our range of concrete slabs, this process can be faster, and easier, and offer functional benefits as an alternative to standard fresh concrete laying. 

Plain Concrete Melbourne

Plain Concrete Melbourne

We use high Quality pre-mixed concrete from 15mpa to 60mpa.

The property of concrete to possess high compressive strength, makes a concrete structure more economical than that of steel structure.

Advantages of Plain Concrete

  • No Slip Finish
  • Hardwearing
  • Inexpensive Option

All our Concrete work is Guaranteed for 5 years. It is carried out using only the highest quality materials and our Jobs are always completed on time.

Coloured Charcoal Concrete Melbourne

This Concrete is probably more attractive than you think. Coloured Concrete may cost a little more upfront, but the materials famed longevity. If properly maintained, a concrete driveway will last up to 30 years.

Coloured Concrete driveways are easy to maintain. Occasionally, cracks will appear in the surface due to the natural shifting of the ground. To fix these cracks all you need is a simple concrete patcher and resell concrete every 5 years.

Coloured Charcoal Melbourne
Exposed Aggregate Melbourne

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Melbourne

Exposed Aggregate Driveways are easier to maintain than other decorative techniques. It is resistant to heavy traffic and extreme weather.


Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

  • Non Slip Surface
  • Easy to Clean
  • Modern Designs
  • Choose from Vast range of styles

All our Concrete work is Guaranteed for 5 years. It is carried out using only the highest quality materials and our Jobs are always completed on time.